Handy's water system

Designed for builders and content creators, Handy's water system lets you add water to your creations, including fountain sprays, flowing water effects and running water sounds.

Purchase: SL Marketplace, Inworld


  • Ideal for fountains, showers, baths, garden water features
  • Good for anything with spray, moving water effects and/or water sounds
  • Easy menu setup
  • Choice of 23 different fountain spray textures, or use your own
  • 30 different water surface textures (each in 3 different resolutions) available from menu, or use your own
  • Optional sounds - choice of 17 sounds with adjustable volume, or use your own
  • Adjustable spray position, size, height, texture, colour(s), spread, density, transparency, etc
  • Moving water speed, direction, size, etc adjustable by menu
  • Control multiple spray jets and/or water surfaces from one script
  • Detailed online instructions
  • Automatic pre-rezzing of spray texture to prevent grey textures when turned on
  • Integrates easily with other scripts, supports plugins
  • Plugins include for on/off control, sound volume adjustment, etc