Handy's smoke & steam system

Designed for builders and content creators, Handy's smoke & steam system lets you add smoke or steam to your products easily without having to write scripts - setup is through simple menus. It's suitable for chimneys, fires, steam engines, cauldrons, pans - anywhere you might see smoke or steam.

Although basic smoke is already generated by Handy's fire system, the smoke system gives you much more flexibility in how the smoke can appear.

Purchase: SL Marketplace, Inworld


  • Suitable for chimneys, fires, boiling pots and pans - anything that gives off smoke or steam
  • Choice of 21 different smoke/steam textures, or use your own
  • Easy, menu-based set up
  • Detailed online instructions
  • Adjustable colour, thickness, size, speed, spread, height
  • Optional wind effect - smoke can react to SL wind
  • Can control multiple smoking/steaming prims
  • User can control access: owner only, group, anyone
  • Automatic pre-rezzing to prevent grey, unrezzed textures when turned on
  • Integrates easily with other scripts
  • Example included