Handy's prim scrubber

Removing bling

Designed for builders and content creators, as well as novices, Handy's prim scrubber removes unwanted effects from prims, from bling to floating text to spinning and many more.

Unlike the many cheap and free scripts that do similar things, you can select exactly what effects you want to clean - or, if you prefer, you can clean everything in one click.

Also unlike most other scripts, Handy's prim scrubber will clean entire linksets (within the limitations of the Second Life scripting language).

See here for instructions.

There follows an explanation of the various types of effects you can clean:


All effects, but as a safety measure does not clear prim contents.

Hover text

Also known as "floating text", the text that appears in mid-air above the prim.


All particle effects, such as 'bling', 'poofers', fire, etc.


Stops all sound. Scripted prim only

All lighting

All lighting effects: point light, glow and full bright (see below)

Point light

Point light (also known as 'local light' or 'cast light') - the light that a prim can cast on other objects, avatars, etc. Face lights are an example.


Often bright and dazzling glowing effect.

Full bright

Absolutely lack of shading, seen as a brighter surface in all but midday sun an luminescent at night.

Texture anim

Moving textures, including spinning, expanding/shrinking, frame-by-frame and so on.


Smoothly rotating prim effects.


All vehicle parameters (within the scripting language's capabilities). Whole object only

Menu text

The text in the context menu (when a prim is right-clicked) relating to sit and touch actions; these are reset to "Sit" and "Touch". Scripted prim only


Removes scripts from prim contents. Scripted prim only

All contents

Removes all files (scripts, notecards, animations, textures, etc) from prim contents. Scripted prim only


Removes all physical effects from a prim, including targetting, volume detection, force, torque, buoyancy, etc. Whole object only

Money (pay)

Resets price details. Scripted prim only

Sit pos/rot

Removes data concerning sitting position and rotation. Scripted prim only


Resets all camera position information and (for scripted prim only) forced mouselook effect.


Removes the object PIN which can be used to automatically insert running scripts into prims. Scripted prim only


Clears data relating to the passing of collision and touch data to other prims. Scripted prim only


Resets all parameters relating to collisions, including sound and graphics. Scripted prim only

Click action

Resets left-click action - mouse cursor reverts to arrow unless another script specifies otherwise. Scripted prim only