Handy's fire system

Designed for builders and content creators, Handy's fire system lets you add fire to your products easily without having to write scripts - setup is through simple menus. It's suitable for fireplaces, campfires, braziers, or any other burning objects.

Handy's Fire System uses particles to create the flame. These are more lifelike than flames made by using animated textures or sculpted flames. And unlike other fire scripts, there is no need for a separate prim and script to generate smoke - both fire and smoke come from the same prim.

Purchase: SL Marketplace, Inworld


  • Suitable for fireplaces, camp fires, braziers, anything that gives off flames.
  • Choice of 25 different flame textures, or use your own
  • Easy, menu-based set up
  • Integrated smoke, with a choice of six textures, plus controllable darkness and volume
  • A choice of nine realistic fire sounds, or use your own
  • Detailed online instructions
  • Adjustable distance above object, flame size, colour, width
  • Adjustable range, colour, intensity etc of light cast on other objects
  • User can control access: owner only, group, anyone
  • Four different "tweak" controls give you even more options for flame appearance
  • Three levels of optional flickering effect
  • Automatic pre-rezzing to prevent grey, unrezzed textures when turned on
  • Integrates easily with other scripts
  • Example included