Handy's door & drawer system

Designed for builders and content creators, Handy's door & drawer system lets you add working doors, drawers, etc on to your products easily without having to write scripts - setup is through simple menus.

It's suitable for anything where prims move together in an open/closed manner - apart from doors and drawers, you can use it for objects with lids, opening windows, bridges that open and close, and so on.

Purchase: SL Marketplace, Inworld


  • Suitable for anything that has an open and closed position - doors, drawers and so on.
  • Setting open and closed positions as easy as editing, moving the prim and clicking a button
  • Multi-prim doors, drawers etc can all move together - add a prim with two clicks
  • 34 open/close pairs of door and drawer sounds included
  • Detailed online instructions
  • Comprehensive plugins system for limitless expansion
  • Includes plugins for auto-opening, auto-closing, avatar security and chat greetings
  • Integrates easily with other scripts