Handy's candle system

Designed for builders and content creators, Handy's candle system lets you add candle-type flames to your products easily without having to write scripts - setup is through simple menus. It's suitable for anything from a simple candle or tea-light to a multiple-candle chandelier or a complex lantern.

These scripts use particles to create the flame. Properly done, particle flame systems are more lifelike and interesting than flames made by using animated textures.

Purchase: SL Marketplace, Inworld


  • Suitable for candles, lanterns, tea-lights, chandeliers - anything that uses single flames
  • Choice of 24 different flame textures, or use your own
  • Easy, menu-based set up
  • Control multiple flame sources from one script (eg chandeliers)
  • Detailed online instructions
  • Adjustable distance above object, flame size, colour, width, etc
  • Adjustable range, colour, intensity etc of light cast on other objects
  • User can control access: owner only, group, anyone
  • User can specify candle to light automatically at night
  • Three levels of optional flickering effect
  • Optional pre-rezzing to prevent grey, unrezzed textures
  • Optional puff of smoke when candle extinguished
  • Integrates easily with other scripts
  • Example included