About Handy Low

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In 1973, when he was a boy, Handy Low first got his hands on a computer. After graduating with a Computer Science diploma, he embarked on a full-time career as a developer on a wide range of computer systems. He's been scripting and building in Second Life since 2007.

Working as a freelance scripter in Second Life, Handy Low noticed that the majority of the smaller commissions he was getting were for scripts that did common things, such as generating smoke or making a prim light up.

While there were (and are) plenty of general purpose scripts to to these things, they were all either too basic, without any choice in how they worked, or too fiddly and complicated to use for most creators.

After all, someone who makes a lovely chandelier or a beautiful cabinet shouldn't have to wrestle with hacking scripts, filling in complex notecards and so on, should they?

So, thought Handy, why not provide simple, menu-based systems that anyone can use, but with lots of flexibility so people can get exactly what they want?

Hence Handy's Tools.

In his spare time at home in northern England, Handy is a musician, armchair scientist and lover of technology, literature, coffee and Indian cuisine.